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  • Our Mission

    Providing healthy environments for growth and personal success.
  • Our Programs

    The BBC has 3 locations serving children from K-12 each week.
  • Make Donations

    Help provide our children the support and assistance they need.

The BBC has partnered with the West Virginia State University Department of Social Work and A More Excellent Way Ministries through the Bright Futures Program. Bright Futures is a mentoring program with the mission to motivate young adolescent girls to aspire towards higher education by developing the skills necessary to be better at home, school and in their communities.

During the fall semester, the girls have gone to several meetings on the WVSU campus in which they worked with mentors to build improved communication and team building skills. The focus has been geared to-ward teaching the girls that they can have a bright future and giving them practical ways to succeed. Not only do they discuss the future, but the mentors are college-aged students who are trusted as peers to bring up current life issues, whether it be problems in school, home or personal life. The mentors and mentees are developing friend-ships and it is encouraging to see our girls light up and so ex-cited to see them. Bright Futures has been one of the most anticipated events and we look for-ward to continuing the partner-ship into the future.