Mission Statement

The mission of the Bob Burdette Center is to provide West Side Children and their families with opportunities for holistic (social, emotional, spiritual, educational, and physical)development for healthy futures.

A Brief History

The Bob Burdette Center, Inc. (BBC) was incorporated on August 25, 1998 as a nonprofit organization with the mission to provide a healthy environment for individual growth that enables youth to experience personal success and become a positive influence in the community. The program was named for Rev. Bob Burdette who was the Associate Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church from 1986 until 1995. It was his longtime vision to see an afterschool program opened at the church to serve the children of the West Side community.

At its formation, the organization had two staff members and served 20 elementary-aged students at its Emmanuel Baptist Church location. The BBC provided these students with a safe-haven after school where they received homework assistance, a snack and were provided with a safe recreational environment away from the peril of the high-crime neighborhood.

Today, the BBC operates at three sites including Edgewood Elementary, Emmanuel Baptist Church, and North Charleston Baptist Church and serves approximately 120 students in grades K through 12 from Edgewood Elementary, Grandview Elementary,  Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary, Stonewall Middle, and Capital High.

While the BBC continues to provide a safe haven, its focus has evolved toward providing students with increased opportunities that will prepare them for furthering their education and for life. In addition to homework assistance and a nutritious snack and meal, students participate in a number of enrichment activities, tutoring and mentoring.